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Thread: Good army list?

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    Good army list?

    Hey there, im pretty new to fantasy and ive decided to start skaven. I like Pestilense and Skryre the most so i decided to make an army list for my army. Bear in mind, im a complete beginner when it comes to designing an army, so here it is.


    Lord choices

    Plague Priest, Plague Furnace, lvl 2 wizard - 285p

    Warlord, additional hand weapon - 93p

    Warlock Engineer, doomrocket - 45p


    30 Clanrats, spears, shields, full command, poisoned wind mortar - 135p

    30 Clanrats, shields, full command, doom flayer - 210 p

    20 Giant rats, 1 pack master - 68p

    20 Stormvermin, full command, warpfire thrower - 235p


    40 Plague monks, full command - 295p (pushing plague furnace)

    4 Rat Ogres, 2 packmasters - 276p


    Hellpit Abomination, warpstone spikes - 250p

    Plagueclaw Catapult - 100p


    Is it any good? Should i take more core units? Drop a lord choice?

    Help needed :3

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    In my opinion:

    Either drop the warlord or beef him up.
    Drop the stormvermin. They are not worth it

    The clanrat units are too small. minimum of 35 I would say

    Personally I am particulair to PWM teams nice template attack on 4+

    With the vermin and lord gone, you could field 2 slave units of 30 to act as meatshields

    The specials and rares are fine

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    # Should be placed in army list entries (at top of forum there is a bit lablled army lists - put it in there) #

    It's not bad at all for a beginner at all, however:

    I'd give the warlord something magical weapon-wise (etherials will need magic beating somehow) and the 2nd engineer L1 wizard (channelling and a backup spellcaster - that really is just a personal preference of mine though)

    I'd up your units a bit - having spares to soak up damage before you lose rank and LD bonuses is fairly vital
    The clanrats should be 35 + (I'd do approx 40)
    I do rate stormvermin, but it's a waste unless you use a banner AND upgrade them to 30-35

    It's a shame but i'd drop one -two rat ogre / the entire unit. if you don't make them bigger (don't worry - the unit is two rat ogres and a packmaster, you can add a packmaster for every 2 ogres, so two ogres and two packmasters is a legakl choice - it's even in the FAQ)
    - maybe upgrading one to master bred, but it's not going to be that useful really / will die too easily.

    I also have a dislike of the doom flayer, but that's just me.

    I am currently working on a guide to skaven armies on the forum - please comment on any of your playtesting / feel free to read it (The basics should be finished this weekend)

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    Not a terrible list. A few improvements could be made, though. Plauge priest is absolutely fine. If you're going to take a warlock engineer, make him a wizard and/or give him a warplock pistol/musket and warlock optics. The rocket is all very well, but there is a good chance that it will explode, coupled with the fact that it is a one-use weapon only really makes it viable for one of my pattented warlock gunline lists, taking 5+ warlocks with a rocket/pistol/musket each. Take off the rocket and give him a warplock pistol and warlock optics.

    As for the warlord, either give him a magic weapon and/or shield or don't take him at all. If you take him out, gou can pimp the warlock up to a level 2 wizard and give him a warp musket, to really bring the pain.

    For the clanrats, 30 is fine but Just give them shields, spears aren't that good, but you can if you want. Warpfire throwers are great, especially if you stand and shoot. Doom flayers, however, are not good at all. Take a ratling gun instead.

    Giant rats are amazing, keep them. Such good value for points.

    Stormvermin are good, but consider wapping them out for night runners with slings to harrass enemy units with light shooting.

    The plaugeclaw catapult is good, but consider swapping it out for a warp lightning cannon, many people find them more effective.
    "Victory is sweet, blood is sweeter." - Aun'Vre

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