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    Skaven 6000 points for epic battle

    Hi all,

    A big chance presents itself for me to field a 6000 points pure skaven force against a currently unknown opponant(s), for a weekend long (if not longer) battle, still haveing trouble finding a table that will accomodate such numbers. Anyways with this in mind i'm proposing a list Vs all, blending as many skaven principles as possible (as well as the new models of course!). Note: this is a freindly game not some tornament climax (be good if it was tho), anyways here is the list, apologies in advance if you fall asleep reading it halfway through

    Lords: 910pts

    Grey Seer - 515pts
    Screeming Bell, Feedback Scroll, Dispel Scroll

    Ikit Claw - 395pts

    Heroes: 770pts

    Plague Priest - 291pts
    Plague Furnace, Plague Censor, Dispel Scroll

    Chieftain - 45pts
    storm banner

    Chieftain - 82pts
    Golden sigil blade, Additional Hand weapon, Potion of foolhardness

    Chieftain - 82pts
    Weeping Blade, Additional Hand weapon

    Assasssin - 120pts

    Assassin - 120ts

    Core: 1767pts

    4 units of 30 skaven slaves + musicians - 248pts

    2 units of 39 clanrats - 281pts
    full commands, Ratling Guns, spears and shields

    2 units of 40 clanrats - 281pts
    full commands, Poisoned wind mortars, spears and shields

    39 storm vermin - 273pts
    full command, warp fire thrower, shields

    Special: 1402pts

    2 units of 6 rat ogres - 540pts
    Master ogre, +2 packmasters (each unit)

    8 warplock jezzails - 170pts

    2 units of 10 gutter runners -360pts
    slings, poisoned attacks

    40 plague monks - 280pts
    full command, banner of dripping death

    Rare: 1150pts

    2 Doomwheels - 300

    2 warp lightning cannons - 180

    2 hell pit abominations - 470

    2 plague claw catapults - 200

    And breath... Love to talk a bit of tactics, but as i dont know who or what I shall be facing, i theorise one massive force attack to sweep the opponant off the board before any real plan can be ammassed to foil my ratty hords (partly borrowed i might add) I feel i have all bases covered, working on an idea of attacking in waves... slaves -- clanrats -- the big stuff, but im sure this principle will change very quickly, all the rares act as tag teams, and who knows a dreaded thirteenth spell may just crop up somewhere... pushing near 400 models too.

    Thanks for reading. Thoughts?

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    I think you're missing the BSB upgrade for your chieftain (Unless you've missed the total there). Not much to say, really...at 6k army selection doesn't tend to be that relevant - it's a matter of who can kill the most quickest . I'd swap the Storm banner from your BSB onto your stormvermin and if possible, give him some defensive equipment. Granted, he's not as important compared to a smaller game, but it would be a shame to lose him quickly if you want that section of your line to hold.

    An HPA double team combo-d with some rat ogres could really spoil someone's day...

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