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    New player needs some advise on army list (1.5k)

    Hello everyone.
    I'm not sure whether I had to post it here or in the Army List sub-forum, so I'm trying my luck here. Sorry if it is the wrong thread!
    Anyway, a friend of mine and I decide to take up the Warhammer again after a few years of absense. I used to play Lizardmen, but I grew bored with'em, so I'm thinking of starting a Skaven army. Here's my first draft:

    Queek Headtaker 215 pts

    Warlock Engineer
    Level 2, Warp Energy Condenser, Doom Rocket 150pts

    Battle Standard Bearer, Warpstone Armour 100pts

    Stormvirmin - 40x
    Halberd, Heavy Armour, Shield, Musician, Standard Bearer, Fangleader 350pts
    10 long, 4 deep for horde setup?

    Clanrats - 30x
    Light Armour, Shield, Musician, Standard Bearer, Clawleader 155pts

    Clanrats - 30x
    Light Armour, Shield, Standard Bearer 143pts

    Plague Monks - 20x
    Frenzy, Two hand weapons, Bringer-of-the-Word

    Doomwheel 150pts

    Weapon Teams:
    2x Ratling Gun 55pts each
    Each team is attached to a Clanrat group.

    Total: 1500pts

    Any thoughts on this? I added the Queek Headtaker because I really love named Lord characters. I'm trying to perfect my list before buying all models.
    It's been a few years since I played, so please feel free point out any huge mistakes I might have made :-).
    My friend is sticking with his old 3k High Elf army, so this will probably be my first step to upgrading. Any tips on upgrades to 2k or 2.5k are also welcome (though that'll bee a few months ;-))

    All tips and hints are greatly appreciated!

    I just noticed how much € 1 pack of slaves costs, so I replaced the 2x 30 slaves with one team of Plague Monks

    Last edited by krotznapopulov; February 28th, 2011 at 20:33. Reason: couldn't find the poison wnd mortar on the GW shop anymore. Does it still exist?

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    I make my packs no more than 30 models, unless they're pushing a bell or furnace. My 30 models strong packs are deployed as 6 across and 4 deep after the first row.

    For your stormvermin, I'd drop 10 models and the shields. Yes, I know someone will blow a stink over this suggestion, but I'll defend it. My two reasons are 1) you won't be using those shields in CC anyway and 2) what your opponent will be throwing at this pack will blow through it's armor save anyway. Since you don't have anything in the way of firepower, I'd suggest your stormvermin to take the 'storm banner'. Fire it off in your opponent's first shooting phase, and your packs will be at full strength for those charges next turn.

    Both your clanrat packs, and all packs, should always have a full command. Why? If challenged, your 'champion' goes off to fight while the pack gnaws its opponent in CC (if any). Regardless if your 'champion' loses, you will still (hopefully) with the initial CC with your pack. With your LD bonuses, your opponent should break ...

    Your plague monks should always be at least 30 models strong, to survive incoming fire without any armor save. Again, always bring a full command and opt for the 'plague banner'. Its a one~shot deal, but always a winner when you need it the most.

    I would have taken a pack of skavenslaves and giant rats, but Queek takes up a lot of points. Are you using his upgrade on the stormvermin?

    A doomwheel is ok, though I'd rather see a WLC at 1.5K. Reason being for the ability to take out monsters.

    Just my opinions.
    Last edited by SheBeast76; March 6th, 2011 at 00:58. Reason: Corrections.

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