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    Clan Septik ~ 2000 points.

    Good evening,

    LO being my ever favorite site, I'm slapping up my 2000pt Clan Septik list. Please feel free to comment.

    L ~ A bloated warlord wearing his prized talisman of preservation, issues commands with his sword of might, while perched upon a great pox rat = 185

    H ~ A level 2 plague priest with an additional hand weapon, chants forbidden knowledge from the top of a plague furnace = 287

    H ~ A chieftain with a shield & warpstone armor, holds aloft the warlord's personal standard = 102

    H ~ A level 1 warlock engineer with a warp-energy condenser, is ready to rock! = 85

    C ~ While 30 clanrats hide behind their shields, and their (full) command trying to restore order, a warpfire thrower team is toasting a swarm of bees = 225

    C ~ While 30 stormvermin sneer at their swaggering (full) command, the poisoned wind mortar team is trying to gas the bearer with the 'storm banner' = 350

    C ~ Beating his drum, a musician entertains 31 skavenslaves before they realize what their roles are ... = 64

    C ~ The 2 packmasters are starting to whip 25 giant rats into a wild frenzy = 91

    S ~ A 'plague banner' casts its ire shadow over 30 foaming plague monks, guided to push under the puss~filled eyes of their (full) command = 265

    S ~ Wildly spinning, 6 plague censer bearers laugh hysterically = 96

    S ~ The 6 poisoned wind globadiers make bets on who or what they will hit = 60

    R ~ With a deafening hum, the WLC warms up = 90

    R ~ Dripping with every unimaginable foul, the plagueclaw catapult is ready to fire = 100

    Clan Septik in all its 2000 putrid point glory!

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