Grey Seer dispell scroll

Cheiftain BSB Banner of the Under Empire
Cheiftain shrieking blade enchanted shield luckstone ironcurse icon

51 Clanrats spears shields full command
30 Clanrats hand weapons shields full command
30 Clanrats hand weapons shields full command

6 Rat Ogres 3 packmasters

Hell Pit Abomination

I'm building this list up from my 1k list, which has been pretty successful for me and is composed of the grey seer (minus the scroll) the cheiftains the clanrats (although the units are 20, 20 and 39 with 2 PWMs) and 3 of the rat ogres.

So this list is mainly bulking out my units and adding a hell pit abomination. I'm yet to buy the abomination and third IOB set that I need for this list so i'd like some opinions on it before I spend more money. Especially opinions on the abomination, if I dropped it I could get a big unit of plague monks with a plague banner or pick up some more rat ogres.

The Plan

I will be trying to grind my opponent down with the blocks of clanrats, the large block gets the chieftain with the ironcurse icon to protect it from warmachines, one block of clanrats will usually babysit my grey seer while I advance who will usually be my general. The third block will get the BSB, By keeping them togeather I will have usually steadfast re-rollable ld9-10 (depending on if I make the seer my general or if I want to skitterleap/cracks call some enemy units and make the second cheiftain my general) block of rats.
Guarding my flank and trying to hit my opponent in his will be the rat ogres and hell pit abomination, the hell pits ability to tun and still "charge" will be invaluble in hitting fast cavalry or getting flank/rear charges while my rat ogres will be able to destroy anything they hit in the flank. The high leadership and stubbornness of the abomination and immunity to psycology of the rat ogres should make them all but immune to panic tests, great for a unit you need watching your flanks.