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    2k - No comp tournament

    This list was born out of lack of sleep from a dentist removing an infected tooth with a side order of prescription pain killers

    2K - Tournament list - No comp, pretty much just kill kill stab stab stuff

    General - Grey Seer

    Warlord on Bonebreaker with Fellblade, Shield

    Chieftain - Shield, BSB

    Warlock - level 2, Death Globe, Dispel Scroll

    Warlock - Doom rocket

    35 Clanrats - full cmd, Shields

    35 Clanrats - full cmd shield

    20 slaves - shield - IoB models - hate that they have shields

    20 slaves - shield/spears IoB models - hate that they have shields and spears - may clip off spear tips

    35 Slaves - no upgrades

    35 Slaves - no upgrades

    9 Gutter runners - slings poison

    1 HPA

    1 HPA

    The Idea is pairing up the HPA and the small 20 slave units. These should be major spell/ranged attack targets. Ideall the HPA inflicts the wounds and the slaves provide a small amount of Combat resolution to tip the combat. If the slaves die, no one will care.

    The Warlord goes in a Clan rat unit and along with the 2 large slave units runs forward to get stuck in as quick as possible.

    2nd Clanrat unit babysits the Grey Seer, BSB tries to stay in range of slaves supporting the warlord, but fully willing to cast spells on the slaves once they get in combat with something.

    The Warlocks just go where needed, either as LD boost for slave units, or to toss the Doom Rocket/Death Glove at something that needs softening up.

    Gutter runners - mainly for hunting the enemy level 4 or Warmachines.

    I'm hoping the 3 major threats of the 2 HPA and crazy Warlord will keep the enemies attention off my Grey Seer, but who knows.

    Downsides - I could roll nothing but 1's and2's for the HPA and they never make it into combat and the Warlord could die to his own Fell Blade, but hoping the the 4 wounds due to Bonebreaker might help him last 1 extra turn. I'm also thinking of challenging him at every chance to reduce the number of attacks directed at him and he Should easily get the +5 bonus for overkill in any challenge he is in.

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    Sounds good to me *tries to not let Clan Skryre bias persuade his decision*

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    It seems like most of your eggs are in the HPA basket. Heavy shooting or magic could remove them quick, and then your looking at a hero-heavy army full of chaff. I also see the warlord being fun, but not particularly effective, he will probably just hurt himself more than help.

    Of course I'm biased towards a skryre/eshin build myself, so take that with a grain of salt.

    Also never saw the point of level 2 warlocks, they can't default skitterleap and the ruin list is meh after lightning.

    Overall though you should have good static rez and if those HPAs make it to combat, that's probably game.
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