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    New to Skaven, 1000pts Friendly


    I'm considering starting a skaven army alongside my my dark elves, since I've always loved the background of both the armies. I think they will feel and play very different on the table.

    Btw, I don't want to run 2 hellpits and 2000 slaves (it's not fun for me to play or paint army of slaves^^)

    So I came up with a first time list, 1000pts, It might not be the best, but it got something to do in every phase

    The warlord is not debatable, I really want a rat riding an larger rat leading my army, so he stays. The magic items can be changed thought...
    Also I really want to keep the doomflayer if it's possible, the moodel is just to awesome!

    So what do you guys think ? Will it be fun to play against/with? Or will my oponent just rofl-stomp me ?

    Warlord: 200
    Bonebreaker, Shield, Potion of Strength, Weeping Blade, Warpstone Armour.
    (The warlord on Bonebreaker will stay in the list, even if he sucks . What's the best build for him?)

    Warlock Engineer:65

    Chieftain: 80
    BsB, Enchanted Shield, Heavy Armour

    28 Stormvermin: 319
    Full Command, Shield, Doom-Flayer, Standard Of Discipline

    30 Clanrats: 155
    Shields, Full Command

    30 Slaves: 75

    Warp Lightning Cannon: 100
    I wanted either the plague claw or the cannon, I don't know wich is better, but my oponents play ogres, bestsmen and dwarves..


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