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    2400 skaven army list for fun:)

    grey seer w/scroll, 2 tokens, preservation (general) 340 pts

    warlock engineer w/ condenser, 2 tokens 150 pts

    warlock engineer w/ powerstone, 2 tokens 150 pts

    bsb w/ armour of destiny, shield 122 pts

    chieftain w/ shield, skavenbrew 97 pts

    40 stormvermin w/shields, command, banner of verminous scurrying, warpfirethrower 420 pts

    35 clanrats w/shields, command, ratling gun 232,5 pts

    giant rat pack 23 pts

    giant rat pack 23 pts

    8 rat ogres 4 pack masters 352 pts

    6 plague censer bearers xx pts

    hell pit abomination xxx pts

    warp lightning cannon xx pts


    The idea with this list is simple. I like to use lots of warpstone tokens to make as much magical damage as possible.
    the grey seer will mainly focus on the lore of plague and the engineers will ofcourse use the lore of ruin.
    the chieftain with skavenbrew will go with the stormvermin to make them even more powerful.
    the plague censers will hopefully get a nice flank charge and make lots of damage. the rat ogres and the hell pit
    will just take on the enemy blocks. the cannon can hopefully take out any monsters toghether with the brass orb.
    and finally the giant rats will be used as redirectors.

    i really hope you guys have some opinions on the list.
    please reply all of you

    bye for now!

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    Looks like a fun list.

    A few nitpicks... don't run your bsb or stormvermin with shields... the first because he has a 4+ ward, so he doesn't benefit from parry, which is half the reason you take a shield, might as well run a halberd and hurt more... and the stormvermin because there is a rule in 8th that says that if you have a specialized mundane weapon (aka spears, halberds), the unit HAS to run it. It bones stormvermin and temple guard. The SV have to use halberds, so shields are an extra point for nothing.

    Also consider running the warlocks as level 1s to save points, lightning rocks but their second spell is random and from an otherwise mediocre lore.

    Otherwise, looks like it will be entertaining.
    Fear me, mortals, for I am The Anointed, The Favored Son of Chaos, The Scourge of the World. The armies of the Gods rally behind me, and it is by My Will and by My Sword that your weakling nations shall fall. - Archaon, The Everchosen, Lord of the End Times

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