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    2500 campaign list

    These are my two lists for the battle in the badlands campaign i am having at my local games workshop. I like my first list, but i feel like my second one could be better. Any input would be helpful.

    2500 offensive list.

    Grey Seer: 310
    Talisman of preservation
    dispel scroll

    BSB: 70

    Warlock engineer: 150
    warp energy condenser
    level 2 caster

    2 units of 30 clanrats with spears: 340
    1 ratling gun: 55

    30 clanrats w hw/shield: 155

    30 Stormvermin: 235
    Doom Flayer: 55

    6 rat ogres with a packmaster: 263

    36 Plague monks: 307
    Plague banner

    2 Hellpits: 470

    Warp lightning cannon 90

    2500 Defensive list

    Grey Seer: 325
    Talisman of preservation
    dispel scroll
    warpstone token

    BSB: 74

    Warlock engineer: 150
    warp energy condenser
    level 2 wizard

    2 units of 30 clanrats with spears: 340
    2 ratling guns

    2units of 30 clanrats with hw shield:310
    2 poisoned wind mortars

    30 stormvermin: 235

    45 skaven slaves: 90

    30 plague monks: 265
    plague banner

    7 Jezzails: 140

    1 Hellpit: 235

    1 warp lightning cannon: 90

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    First list is pretty solid for combat, just a few suggestions... Level 2 warlocks are a waste of points IMO, level 1 is all you care about... a warp lightning cannon in a heavy combat list without slaves is a waste as well (they're very good, but can't do much if you plan on being in combat a lot). Use those 125 points and kill a clanrat to get your BSB armor of destiny and to add two more ROs (they need bodies because they have no save). Otherwise very nice. Consider dropping the seer for a priest on a furnace... you'll lose the 13th, but that monk unit will become an absolute nightmare.

    The second list is all over the place. You gotta pick a theme. If you want to shoot with jezzails and weapon teams and the like, great. Take lots of slaves and shooting and skimp on the combat as a waste of points. If you to punch things with monks etc., then leave the shooting at home and bring all melee. In my experience, skaven lists (and maybe all lists) work best when you focus on one thing and do it well. A jack of all trades army tends to not have enough to go toe-to-toe with heavy hitters, but also not enough shooting to make a dent. I'd rethink list 2 and ask yourself what you want it to do.

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