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    First Skaven List 1500pnts


    My friends and I are planning on getting back into Fantasy this summer, the last time we played was back in 7th and we are
    all planning on each of us picking up new armies from scratch. I don't know much about the new rules, I just skimmed them the other day, so
    let me know what you think of this list. I came up with it from taking a few minutes of looking through the Skaven army book.
    In all likely hood its not that great, so just let me know whats great in the new edition and war gear and what not.

    1497 points

    Plague Priest - 331pnts
    -Plague Furnace
    -lvl 2 Wiz
    -Warpstone Armor
    -Plague Censer

    Chieftan BSB -95pnts
    -Banner of the Under -Empire

    Warlock Engineer - 190pnts
    -lvl 2 Wizard
    -Warlock- Augmented Wep
    -Foul Pendant
    -Warpstone Token


    Clanrats x39 -196pnts
    -Sheilds & Hnd wep

    Clanrats x40 -200pnts
    -Sheilds & hnd wep


    Plague Monks x40 -335pnts
    -Plague Banner


    Doomwheel -xxx pnts

    Let me hear your thoughts
    Cheers mates

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    There are three things, you need to know, about 8th edition warhammer ... magic, missile troops, and war machines .

    1. Lords - Once you break out of 1k points, you'll be looking towards your lord choices . Thanks to 8th, you lord will be a level 3 or 4 wizard, and the only choice is a Grey Seer . In my opinion, Skaven can't be competitive or hold their own, without one . I always throw the highest ward save on him .

    2. Heroes - The BSB has risen in importance, if not the most important, character in any list . It is he who will hold your list together, especially for a low LD race . I don't bother with a magical banner, instead I pile on the armor/ward saves, and arm him to do some damage in CC .
    The engineer is just a simple wizard, there to add various amounts of destruction, and bring along the odd dispel scroll . A level 1 upgrade, with the warp-condenser, is all you really need . If you prefer, you can bring them along to skitterleap close to your foe, and fire a doom rocket into their face .

    3. Core - I rather suggest a stormvermin block, to be your character's bunker, and include a weapon team of your liking . Blocks of clanrats should be flanking to either side of your bunker, with their own weapon teams . You'll need at least two blocks of skaven slaves, at least 40 models strong, to tie up units then fire into that combat .

    4. Rare - As many players may suggest, you'll want two WLCs . They will be your bread-and-butter, killing monsters and other elite targets .

    Special choices are rather the icing-on-the-cake, your choices depending on your list overall .

    So, why didn't I mention everyone's favorite rotting rats ? In my opinion, unless your list is most ( if not all ) a plague monk force, the few choices you wish to take fall into a support role . They're expensive, your priest will need to juggle items between protecting the furnace ( no ward save ) and improving his own abilities, and you'll need at least 50 monks to push the furnace or risk them melting away under missile fire ... leaving your furnace helpless on the field .

    There's nothing horrible about crushing a 400pt vampire, by slamming a gigantic plague censer into him . The problem is getting to that point . If your going to spend the points on a priest/furnace/50 + monks, the rest of your list must be built around it ... to support it . I'd suggest using your 1.5k, to get a feel for 8th edition, and work your way up . By 1750 - 2k points, you'll have enough understanding for the basics, and enjoy smashing your foes with a gigantic plague censer ...

    ~ Skryre, Pestilens, and Moulder . The land dweller will ever falter . ~

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    i'm new too, last time i played warhammer was at 6th or 7th, don't remember, some 7 years ago...

    just bought skaven army box last weekend, and a nice skaven army book.

    rules for army lists <2000 points: max lords: 0 (so , no lords aka no grey seer!), max heroes 3... also, max points spent on heroes is 25% of total points, so 25% of 1500 = 375...!
    also: max 1 rare choice, 3 specials... and also the rules with those: max 50% points spent on special, and 25% spent on rare... you didn't make any mistake there, but afaik u go wrong with your character choice....

    i'd go with a cheap battle standard bearing chieftain, and then either a fully magic geared priest or a lvl 2 warlock engineer.... make sure u dont exceed the 375 points spent on chars. put the bsb in a small unit of clanrats, and place them behind some other units of rats so he cannot be easily charged....

    good luck with playing!

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