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Thread: Skaven things

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    Skaven things

    Hi I am currently a Wood elf player and have been for about 2 years and think its time to mix things up abit and want to get a new army thats totaly difforent to my woodies
    I am thinking skaven, the new deamons or maybe even beastmen

    I want a kind of magic heavy army so I was thinking myabe a clan skrye army with a bunch of engineers armed to the teeth with warptone!

    So my question is does anyone play a magic heavy Skaven list and how well does it work against most armies oh and pls pitch in any other things that might sway me over to the under empire!

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    I play a fairly SAD-esque Skaven army (competitive armies are pretty common here, so most people don't care about playing against this type of list). It's very strong, though it does depend quite a bit on dice. A bit moreso than most armies.

    I've got a grey seer, 3 engineers, 4 warrior blocks with ratlings (ratlings got much worse in the new edition, but they're still worth it), 1 unit of jezzails, 1 warp lightning cannon, 3 slave units, 2 tunneling teams, 1 DoW giant.. it's a 2,250 list. It's done quite well, but when dice go bad, it goes really bad. I've literally killed over 700 points of my own army in a single game with misfires and a couple of failed panic checks they've caused. When dice are on, though, the Skaven are truly devastating. And a bit of randomness can be pretty fun.

    Lets see, it struggles against the new vampire counts - even with 7 dice and 2 scrolls, it's easy to fall behind the invocation spam. It also struggles against Thorek dwarves. Thorek > Skaven. Also, big bad generals on flying terror causers can be a big pain when they have good ward saves. If I can't get a lucky cannon shot / jezzail volley on that thing before it's in my lines, I've got a serious problem.

    I haven't played against the new daemons with them yet, but from reading the army book, Tzeentch will beat them at their own game. At least it seems that way.

    Other than that, though, it does quite well. I've stomped on normal dwarves quite a bit, taken down high elves, wood elves, tomb kings (as long as those catapults don't break my entire army in the first few turns), ogres, etc. Things that outshoot me typically can't deal with my numbers (unless they have Thorek, as mentioned above), and things that rush me to fight typically can't withstand the hail of magic missiles & bullets that are put out. Unless it's invocation spamming vampires or a big baddie on a dragon. :p

    That said - playing a SAD Skaven army won't earn you any friends if you play in a laid back environment. Unless your group enjoys tough games against hard armies like we do around here, I'd advise going elsewhere. Skryre has a very bad rep among the more casual gamers..
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    Skaven are a pretty cool army, their magic (Warped Lightning) is fantastically devastating, and their warmachines are too... so long as you don't kill your own rats with them lol.

    Theyre a vastly different army to your WEs, you go from small elite skirmish units, to hordes of ranked infantry.

    Only think id say to be wary of is that Skaven will be getting a redo soon, within the next year or so. So you may want to wait a while until you start them. Beasts also, new book is in the works. That leaves you with Daemons... Your call.

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