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Thread: Help!!!

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    Here is the current list that i am using

    Gray Seer: Screaming Bell, Twisted Crown of the Horned Rat, Eye of the Horned Rat Power Dispell Scroll Power Dice 6 Dispell dice 2 535

    Chieftan: Battle Standard, Umbranner, Heavy armour 109

    Warlock Engineer: warpblades, Upgraded condensor, Supercharged Accumulator, Storm Daemon, Warpstone charm 135 Power dice:2 Dispell Dice:1

    Assassin: Black Blade of Fury 155

    30 Clanrats: Ratling Gun,musician, standard 225

    30 Clanrats; Warp Fire Thrower, musician, standard 240

    20 slaves musician 44

    20 night runners: Night Leader, Additional Hand Weapons 150

    20 Plauge Monks: Deacon Musician, Standard Banner of the Burning Hatred, Extra Hand Weapons 210

    20 Plauge Monks: Deacon Musician, Standard 145

    4 Rat Ogres 200

    Warp Lightning Cannon 100

    Total Points:2248
    Power Dice:10
    Dispell Dice:5
    Total Models:150

    Now then i want to drop the night runners and add in 5 Gutter Runners with poisoned throwing stars and make them a tunneling team as well as 5 Plauge Censer Bearers. The problem is the units i want to add equal 180 points while the gutter runners are 150 points. What else should i drop?

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    You don't have nearly enough Clanrats. At 2250 you should have, at a minimum, 4 blocks of 20 Clanrats and 4 blocks of 20 slaves. Skaven is about numbers, skimp on them and you are seriously hampering your army.

    Night Runners should be in much smaller units (5-7 at the most, unless you tanks ranged weaponry). Why? Panic. NRs don't benefit from Strength in Numbers and only have Ld 5 so at the slightest provocation they will turn tail and you'll never see them again. Use them for screening, march blocking, and dealing with enemy skirmishers.

    The Blade of Black Fury isn't the best choice for an Assassin. He already has 2 hand weapons, so you're paying for 1 extra attack and no poison. I like either the Weeping Blade for character killing or the Warpstone Stars for ranged ownage.

    1 unit of Monks will do it and definitely run them wider (6-7) to maximize attacks.

    ROgres are expensive and not nearly as hitty as they should be. They can work, but PCBs are much better can openers.
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