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    Oh another 1k army

    So it is my first time in the Warhammer fantasy world (WOOT). Anyway, i've been playing with the Tyranids for 6 years now, and decided to enter the skaven. My first match is coming up (not sure when lol) and my enemies are chaos and lizardmen.

    Warlock: 120pts
    - warp blades & upgrade warp-energy condenser
    - warpstone amulet
    - Storm Daemon

    Assassin: 150pts
    - weeping blade

    Two Clan rats units (full command, except pawleaders): 450pts
    - swords/sheilds
    - 2 Rattling Guns
    - 30 rats each

    Slave unit: 40pts

    Five Poison Wind Globadiers: 50pts

    another four Poison Wind Globadiers: 40pts

    Three Rat Ogres: 150pts

    = 1000

    anything i should take note?!
    thx guys!

    mmmm i also noted rat ogres arent worth it accoring to this forum. So i was thinking about using the real ogres for less points, better stats, and surprisingly i can borrow them!!

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    More Clan Rats.

    Sorry for the short post, but I gotta go.
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    Above the general post section, there is an army lists section, this should be posted there.

    I personally wouldn't go with an assassin, he's overpriced for what he does, you can get more attacks out of a unit of 3 gutter runners with poisen HW's and they cost less then a assassin. Technically, you could get 2 units of 5 gutter runners with tunnelling for 170 total points... i'd rather have that then the assassin who has to hide in 1 of the clan rat units, and they cannot benefit from his leadership.

    Units of 5 Globadiers aren't that great. If you lose 2 they panic, and are pretty price. I'd run them in a unit of 2 so 2 units of 2. They aren't accurate enough to do much. But vs large targets or monsters are great. However, at 1000 pts if you want a small shooty unit, you could take nightrunners and give them throwing stars. You could drop to 2 units of 2 Globadiers, and 2 units of 5 Night Runners with stars.

    I'm not a big fan of rat ogres, but i can see how they'd be useful in 1000 pts. Pretty smashy for the point value.
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