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    Taking a BSB in a Skaven army

    Most of the Skaven magic banners are a bit crap.. If I were to take a BSB, which banner would be best for him?

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    Matters what the rest of your army is and where he is going? A BSB is incredibly useful in a skaven army, BECAUSE you DO NOT put him in the front line, you lead from the back with him per our rules and he's never in LOS or able to be targeted.

    Is he in storm vermin or plague monks? If so you give either of those a warbanner, that gives you
    +3 ranks, +1 banner, +1 warbanner, +1 BSB, starting res of +6, then in a unit of 30-35 strong, you give the BSB the Banner of Swarm, your starting res is +7, in this unit you place a Plague Priest with either a flail or a censer. the Censer rocks as any opponent in base takes the toughness test, and your only effected on 6's. His 4 (+1 for frenz) str 6 attacks swing and wreck havoc, plus you have 3 attack per monk, 4 from the champ. Cheap unit, incredibly effective, immune to psychology cause its frenzied, but you need to make sure it can only see what you charge.

    If he's in a unit of clan rats, he in a unit with only his BSB and hiding behind terrain granting re-rolls to everything in 12 inches, this along is incredible. I've used mine to good effect with a unit of 20 clanrats, no command, and only a weapon team that breaks off an solo's. Essentially with no upgrades you have a bunker that claims a table quarter, deploy him in the mid back of your army, 12 inches will stretch to the middle of the board, HIDE the unit, and its a cheap guardian for his BSB, then I take the no shooting banner, its awesome, but only useable in bigger games. If he's just hiding, with no magic banner, then I don't given him anything and he hides in the back of that unit, and runs when he needs to out of the unit to a new unit, using the original bunker to mis direct combat away from him. He's got heavy armor as a just in case, other than that occassionally i give him something for fun like a brass orb to hurl at a ranked unit when necessary because you don't need LOS to your target.
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