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    So I want to play skaven

    But have no idea wat to do after I get IoB with my friend

    Hmmm Deathwing...or...Grimmnar's Wolf Guard Termies...I think I'll be depressed rather then Barbaric. Deathwing!
    Dark Angels 2/0/1

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    when you read the army book what kind of army comes to mind? cannons? big beast? sneaky eshin? plague? ive been playing for a long time and started with what i thought was "cool" and have been expanding over time....

    its all good when used right...and the dice gods dont shun your rats...

    if you want to know what the heavy hitters are, and since you got the IoB skaven, i would say get some more plague monks, add a furnace, maybe get a cannon or 2, your going to want ur units of clan rats to be bigger than 20, and your probably going to want some slaves for cheap mass scare tactic (if a unit of 100 models with spears were pointed at me i would be scared too!) jezzails and doomwheels are awesome too.

    rat ogres are good but tend to be arrow magnets, the HPA is great but again arrow/magic magnet, screaming bell just isnt as powerfull as the furnace (to me), stormvermin are too pricy compared to the amount of clan rats and slaves you could take.

    fun stuff: 20 nightrunners + warpgrider 200pts great price for the possibilities. weapon teams are fun, sometimes they can save the day, other times they make you regret taking them all together. giant rats are great fun cause you can have like 1million of them and still have points left over, but they really never do anything.

    hope this rabble makes sense and helps a little.

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