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Thread: Queek Headtaker

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    Queek Headtaker

    I love his model, Would you say he's any decent or is he lack luster?

    Hmmm Deathwing...or...Grimmnar's Wolf Guard Termies...I think I'll be depressed rather then Barbaric. Deathwing!
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    Warlord Queek Headtaker is definitely my favourite looking model, and has been quoted to be 'the Sanguinor of the Skaven', and I can see why. It is just an appealing looking model for (nearly) all players.

    Not only that, he is excellent on field. He has one of the highest leaderships for a Skaven, and he is a great Stormvermin booster in combat, as they end up having WS 5 and S 5, which is very reasonable, and one more point for one more to their armour save, you get a WS5, S5, with 4+ Armour Save model for only 12 points a model, and can outmatch any other 12 point model any day. And Stormvermin can have Magic Banners and Weapon Teams (I either use a Warpfire Thrower or a Doom Flayer), and if you put that up against the enemy, they are very intimidating, and have a reason to be!

    Anyway, getting back on topic, Warlord Queek Headtaker is a very good model to have in your army (esp. when facing Orcs & Goblins or Dwarves).

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