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    Old Warlord comes back to the tunnels Army list updating wanted

    I've been playing GW games since 1990 back with Epic Space Marine and moving forward to play all of the GW games over the years. I took a break about 3-4 years ago due to RL and now I'm thinking of coming back since RL has crapped on me and left me unemployed now.
    So I'm planning on funding any purchases by selling off stuff on Ebay. Just have to get set up to take pics, but anyways.

    I have numerous armies that I'll be dumping and I've settled on keeping my Skaven and finishing my high elves perhaps to have 2 opposing armies to play with.

    Here is a copy of my old GT/Rogue Tournament army. I bought Isle of Blood and the new skaven army book back at Christmas as a present to celebrate the final countdown on my job. It seems that the points have decreased overall becasue I swear this army was 2000 points before.

    Skaven Army
    13^2 ( 13 Squared )

    Skaven Engineer
    Skaven Engineer
    Skaven BSB
    3x Ratling gun teams ( attached to clanrats and Stormvermin)*
    5x Globladiers
    1 - Warp Cannon

    26 Storm Vermin - Full Command

    26 Clanrats - Full Command

    26 Clanrats - Full Command

    26 Skaven Slaves - just hand weapons no upgrades

    39 Skaven Slaves - just hand weapons no upgrades

    13 - Jezzails splits into 2 units of 6 and 7 models*

    Total Models 169
    1 lord
    3 heroes
    5 - core
    3 - special
    1 - rare

    Estimated points cost - ~1600

    *The above models despite the weapon teams having 2 models since they only have 1 wound I count them as only 1 "model". I used this to justify saying the army was 13x13 or 169 models. Hence the name 13^2. Also I made the basic units multiples of 13 models. I built custom metal/magnet movement trays for the army. The units were 7 across in 3 ranks with 5 in the last rank, usually 6 models because skaven characters always go in units. I did this because 99% of the armies I fought against used the standard 100 mm across movement trays meaning 5x20mm or 4x25mm models from GW's standard trays. This usually meant I have 7 rats in base contact with the enemy instread of only 5. Also most people only did units of 16-20 infantry so I started higher to claim the old outnumbering bonus for CC.
    I did Clan Skyre theme also because they were new with the previous army book. All the other Skaven armies I had ever seen before were always infested with plague monks and censer bearers.

    Since I'm around 400 points short of 2000 now. Anyone have suggestions? I'll probably just convert anything suggested into Skyre once I get my hobby room set up again. The above is already painted/base it does not include the IoB rats so that does open up to using them as more clanrats/slaves possibly. Turning the Rat Ogres into clockwork steampunk conversions. I've got loads of 40k Ork bits for doing that. Or I'd threatened to clockwork a unit of plague monks into engineer experimental skaven, adding 3rd clockwoth arms and Censer bearers with Tesla Coils.

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    please post your army!

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