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    Starting Skaven and could use advice

    For a second army I figured I'd go with something fairly different than my current army. Skaven looked to have some really interesting stuff, and a single unit block has almost half as many wounds as my entire Warriors of Chaos army so it should be a pretty good change of pace. Unfortunately I can't find any really solid tactics and unit analyses articles for Skaven like I did WoC so I'm at a bit of a loss for how I should be approaching this army. So far I've been playing around with the following ideas for a 2400 Skaven army.

    Haven't really figured out what else to take on him except maybe throwing on more Warpstones to help cast the Thirteenth spell, or items to help him survive the miscasts from trying to cast the Thirteenth spell. I'm aware its a situational spell, but it never hurts to be prepared to push the big red button

    Warlord riding Bonebreaker-Felblade
    Kind of sad that this guy is just barely more expensive than a naked Chaos Lord. Provided he doesn't punch himself to death his main job is to travel with some Clanrats and run out to fight a monster or some other horrible thing that only S10 D6 Multi-wounds can answer.

    Necessity for a Skaven army its just a matter of if he should have a magic banner or magic gear. If taking a magic banner I'm thinking giving him poison attacks, tail weapon, and either a shield or additional hand weapon to help him out if he gets into a bad situation.

    Warlock-Lvl 2, Warp Energy Condenser
    Pretty much just something to harass with Warp Lightning. Honestly I could just run him as a level 1, but the Spells of Ruin all seem to have a use so variety never hurts. Assuming that taking any of the items listed for him as weapon upgrades wouldn't count toward his Magic item limit.

    Clanrats-Looking at taking these in blocks of 40 with Sword and Board, FC, and a weapon team. Mostly looking at Mortar teams, but may toss in one flame team. The facts that the flame team is move or fire, and that I can't hide them behind Clanrats makes me hesitant to take them. They look to be devastating when they work though.

    Slaves-Likely going to do at least one block to bunker the Greyseer if I'm going to be throwing dice to cast the thirteenth spell.

    Warp Cannons-These things just seem silly for their point cost.

    Doomwheels-Another silly thing for its point cost. The only thing I'm unclear about is the warp lightning from the zzzap attack. First you choose if you want to try and restrain the attack. Then you determine the nearest unit in range. The part that is confusing me is the line "Roll for each bolt separately measuring from the Doomwheels base". What exactly am I rolling here? It doesn't sound like to hit since from what I gather from the errata is that the warp lightning hits automatically. So is this the D6 hits from the warp lightning spell, and if it is would a 1 hit the doomwheel? Next I roll to see how powerful the lightning is for the turn and then roll to wound. If anyone could clarify for the doomwheels Zzzap works it would be greatly appreciated since its the only thing in the entry I'm having trouble understanding.

    So far I guess the army would be something like
    Grey Seer
    1x80Slaves or 2x40 Slaves
    2 Doomwheels
    2 Warp Cannons

    Any advice would be welcome

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    The Skaven book has been heavily modified by the FAQ. So much so that I actually used Post-It notes to physically block out redacted text and paste in new text. It's worth the effort, IMHO, because otherwise it's just too confusing to parse the actual rules.

    Regarding your army, it's passably serviceable but also a little uninspiring, and possibly underpowered. I think every army needs a couple of units to lay the smack down in close combat, and your army just doesn't have anything like that. There are a few units you can bring capable of providing that, including stormvermin, plague monks (especially when boosted by a plague furnace), rat ogres, and hell pit abominations.

    I also think that it'd be a shame to run a Grey Seer without also putting him on a Screaming Bell. Costly as it is, having an unbreakable unit is a godsend, and that high perch further means that your seer will be capable of targeting virtually anything in range because he'll have clear line of sight to the entire table.

    You are correct that warpfire throwers are limited by move and fire, but you're also right that getting even a single hit in during the course of game is almost always going to be enough to have warranted their inclusion. My favorite tactic is to engage an enemy unit with slaves -- who will nearly always be steadfast because they'll have more ranks than the enemy -- and fire warpfire into the stuck enemy unit.

    I also really like the poisoned wind mortar, but scatter can be a real bitch, so it's not like it's any more reliable than any other weapons team.

    Specific recommendations: Your army is actually remarkably similar in overall construction to my own. I would keep a big unit of clanrats -- anywhere between 30 and 40 strong -- to push the seer on a bell. This wouldn't exactly be a combat unit, but it would be unbreakable, and that can set up favorable conditions for your other units to gang up and break the enemy.

    I would want at least one solid combat unit to complement the seer/bell/clanrats, and for that I think your army would favor stormvermin. Get around 25-35 of them and lead them with a choppy character or two (e.g., a warlord and/or a chieftain) to really make them killy.

    Run your slaves in units about 40-strong, 8 ranks deep. That all but guarantees steadfast status, and thus -- if you keep them near your general and BSB -- gives you more virtually unbreakable units.

    As indicated earlier, I favor using weapons teams to tear into units that are stuck in with slaves, and the best way to get them are to take unmodified, minimal stormvermin units of 10 models with attached weapons teams. It's the cheapoest way to get weapons teams in the army. I prefer warpfire throwers, but ratling guns could work out nicely as well. Get one such unit for each slave unit you end up with and run the entire set -- stormvermin, weapons team, slaves -- as a single unified "unit". Added bonus: the li'l stormvermin units can get flank charges to boost combats as well and aquit themselves reasonably well in such roles.

    Your Rare selections are just fine as is, no matter what you ultimately end up doing.

    If you have any points left over, look to get more combat units -- maybe some rat ogres? -- or as many more minified stormvermin/weapons team "units" as you can buy.
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