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    Warplock Jezzails and Slaves?

    So I was thinking a bit on theese two units for my Skaven army and I really want to get a group of Warplock Jezzails so I was thinking of getting 6 of them. Will that be a good group or should I have more/less in the group? Two groups of 3 with champions..?
    Also, Slaves. I'm uncertain on if I really wanna get slaves because it will become so many models to paint and put up on the table every time.. Are slaves really needed? I never used them but so far my Hell Pit Abomination has more or less handled entire enemy armies on it's own

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    Look, you can win a game without having many slaves at all. I have two units of 40 in my games and I win 75% of the time. But then again I also have 2 x 30 Clanrats and another horde of 40, all accompanied by Weapon Teams. I believe that these weapon teams really make a difference to your games. Just by playing Skaven you're going to have to paint up a lot of models anyway, so really it's your choice in what you have. You can't really win unless you have a solid horde-like core of whelps at your disposal

    In regards to the Jezzails, they work wonders for me. I usually have 9 lined up on a big hill, shooting down groups of Heavy Cavalry and sniping smaller elite units from their position. 2 groups of 6 also works well. Have a Sharpshooter with all of these, it can actually make a difference.

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