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    Which Team for the Rats?

    Hello again vermin friends! Had a question that the answers are based on your own opinions or experiences. The majority of the games I play are 1k or 1500 pt games just a plain ol game using the scenarios in the BRB.

    The question is which weapon teams do you find to be the best to take at these point values?

    Things I'm looking for to help me make my own decision on which team:
    What unit are you placing the Team with?
    What's the units' equipment like? (i.e. Clanrats with sword and board running at the enemy with PWM blasting every round)
    What unit type do you generally target with the Team?

    Any and all input is appreciated!

    My own that I had been using lately:

    Unit 1: 30 Clanrats with sword n board using PWM. Mortar looking for the biggest cluster of units or biggest unit and placing marker right in the middle of it.

    Unit 2: 30 Stormvermin with a WFT. Marches forward using terrain as cover to around 14" from the enemy then hold position and lets the WFT dish as much damage before the charge.

    Thanks again!

    Warriors of Chaos > 3,000
    Skaven <1,500
    Life - TBA

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    I use all the teams when possible!

    Personally, these are the builds I use:

    30 Clanrats w/Swords and Shields, Full Command, Warpfire Thrower, targets casual or big infantry units.

    30 Clanrats w/Spears and Shields, Full Command, Ratling Gun, generally for defense, may be combined in a multi charge or may be used to speed bump killy combat units. Ratling Gun gets all my love by the way.

    40 Clanrats w/20 Spears, 20 Swords, and 40 Shields, Full Command, Poisoned Wind Mortar, for its versatility, does whatever I require it to do and the Poisoned Wind Mortar is great for taking out armoured infantry.

    20+ Stormvermin w/Halberds and Shields, Full Command, Grand Banner of Clan Superiority, Warpfire Thrower, similar tactic to you.

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    Rattling guns, are arguably, the best team in the book . They get all my love, too

    I prefer to take the parry save, over spears, and this subject is highly debated as well .

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