Dandenong Wargamers And Roleplayers Federation.

D.W.A.R.F.’s Summer 40K Tournament.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this fight is scheduled for four falls!
The winner of this event will be crowned the champion of DWARVENSLAM’08.

Along with this prestigious award comes a spectacular prize and a not half bad trophy.
The Almost Winner shall receive a decent prize and an alright trophy.
The Almost Almost Winner shall receive a decent prize and an average trophy.
The Wiener of DWARVENSLAM’08 (the person who comes flat last) shall have a prize to salve their ego, FREE entry to DWARVENSLAM’09 (to regain their pride) and ignominy FOREVER.

The fighter’s armies are limited to 1750 Points and there are no characters barred!
The fighter’s armies may come from any current codex and must be legal!
The fighter’s numbers are limited to 40.
The fighter’s must pay a personal burial fee (registration) of $20 .
Armies are to have at least basic (3 colour) painting.

The fighting shall be limited to the hall of the VCE wing at:

Carwatha College.
Browns Rd,
Noble Park.

And also limited to the days of the 17th February and 2nd of March 2008.
(Two games each day).
Doors open at 9 A.M.
First game starting at 10 A.M. SHARP!

For more info, registrations or questions email;

Proudly sponsored by:
311 Centre Road, Bentleigh Vic 3204
Phone (03) 9576 5851 from 9:30 am - 5:30 pm Fax (03) 9553 3339