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    Battle Report from the meet

    The sun shone down on the field of battle as Captain Alain led his forces forward. Lord Matthias a Knight of Dol Amroth and Captain of the small unit of cavalry that led the force had chosen the ground well. The Uruks, servants of the traitor Saruman of Isengard would have to pass between a tangled wood and a tall stone bluff to reach their goal of raiding the supply lines of the army stationed to the South at the river crossing. this is where they would meet the forces of Minas Tirith ready to prevent them.

    Alain ordered his company of archers, eight brave men, led by Seargeant Colt, to scale the bluff and from there cover the phalanx of swordsmen and spearmen that would hold the line against the White Hand troops. Lord Matthias led his companions around the bluff by a circuitous route, which, hopefully would allow them to take the Uruk Hai in the flank even as the beasts engaged the men holding the pass. Three rangers of the Dunedain, those who had first brought news of the threat to Lord Matthias' attention were stationed wide to the left flank ready to carefully sew disruption in the enemy ranks with their deadly arrows.

    With the white tree banner flapping in the breeze behind them Alain and his men took up their station and surveyed the battlefield before him. Two ranked phalanx of Uruks approached in neat order, each with a captain at their head and, seemingly far deeper than the phalanx that backed him, he calculated that there must be at least three times as many of the enemy as his own meagre company, maybe only twice as many if he counted his archers. With a grim smile he drew his sword and prepared to meet their charge. Colt and his men were for the most part still climbing the cliffs and only a desultory patter of arrows flew from that vantage as the archers sought positions rather than shots. Just as the Uruks were about to charge Alain heard a sound he'd been dreading, the thunder of hooves from the right. The young Lord had acted too soon and was giving the enemy the time they needed to respond to his attack. Even as the seasoned captain thought this a flight of arrows leapt from behind the Uruk line skewering two of the brave Knights as they raised their shields against the deadly rain.

    The remaining knights slammed into the Uruk line that turned to absorb their charge, cutting about them one knight struck down two of the bowmen who had killed his comrades, whilst another engaged an enraged Uruk captain in vicious hand to hand combat. The captain dragged the hapless Knight from his horse, dragging him to the ground where he was run through by Uruk pikes. Lord Matthias bellowed in rage and cut about him slaying two of the Uruks with is blade and trampling another under the weight of his charging horse as he tried to reach his comrades side. The charge faltered as the phalanx held and the captain directed his warriors to take care of Matthias remaining companion as the Lord fought off a horde of the vicious, but well disciplined enemy. In moments Matthias was alone on the battlefield, cutting left and right as the tide of Uruk flesh pressed him.

    The remaining Uruks who were not surrounding Matthias advanced on Alain’s position, he signalled his archers and Sergeant Colt and his men began raining a steady stream of shafts into the Uruk lines, aiming at the weaker pike wielding Uruks and trying to disrupt their formation. Alain and his men braced themselves to accept the charge, preparing as the jogging Uruks sped up to a full run, only to be utterly shocked when from within their ranks burst two foaming berserkers wielding swords like giant iron bars. "Hold" Called Alain as the trio of mad creatures hit his line. The captain caught one of the swords on his own blade, twisting it away deftly, although the shock shuddered through his arm. With a grim smile Alain thrust forward his blade taking the raving Uruk in the abdomen and dropping it to the floor where its companions had to clamber over it in their charge. "Hold" cried Alain again as the Uruk line crashed home.

    **** First part of the battle, if people liek it I'll write up the rest ****

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    Interesting read so far Karrot
    I take it this was from the LotR game you played against Swn?
    Want to chat? You can normally find me in the LO CHAT!

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