Today marks the day of the birthday Strategic Game Club (official name) at Wilkes University. Unfortunately Student Government wouldn't let us use The Miniature War Gaming Club, or the GWC (Games Workshop Club (that's what it primarily is)).

This now entitles us to the ability to reserve rooms for games (and tournaments). Also this gives us a $300 budget to play with before fund raising.

We plan on inviting Spencer, Phil, Scott and Jar Jar The Drunken Hobo from 40kRadio at some point in time. Maybe some others if we can work it out.

Also, guess who happens to be the president?

Our future plans:
  • Expand to about 20 members
  • Have guests (previously mentioned)
  • Tournaments (most likely open to the public)
I'm just as excited as the rest of the guys in the club, and we're hoping to be a successful club.

Just keeping you guys up to date.