Well, I called the show shortly after the tournament ended. I got the voicemail message and left a message.


This year I would have to say that this wasn't the best of the 3. The new (temporary?) location wasn't the easiest place to find, but I found it. There was a large Warmachine turnout, mainly because most of these guys are big WM players. Unfortunately, this was not the same with the 40k tourney this year.

I brought along 2 friends, one Tau player, one Dark Angels player, and my Necrons.

5 o-clock rolled around, time for the 40k combat patrol tourney to start. It turns out that there was only one other person there to play in the tournament. IIRC, it was Phil from 40k Radio, who said he had to practically teach someone how to play 40k @ a tournament... Well, guess what I did! I let him use my Space Wolf models (incomplete), and he used the Dark Angels codex as it was the most up to date and isn't as confusing. Hey, it's a friendly tourney.

I ran my Necron combat patrol list with 11 Warriors and 4 Destroyers.

Heat 1
My two friends got to play against each other, I don't know what all happened other than that the Tau were victorious.

I got to play the newbie. I didn't try to utterly destroy him, although he couldn't roll for anything.

Heat 2
I played against the Tau, wasn't looking forward to it. My destroyers were the workhorses in this game. I used them on his flank and killed most of his forces with the lovely ap4 gauss cannons, I love the smell of gauss in the middle of a tournament! Over all 5 warriors and one destroyer were removed. He only had a squad of stealth suits remaining.

The other game lasted quite a long time for a combat patrol. In the end, the Dark Angles "won," although it was a draw.

This resulted with this ranking
  1. Necrons (Me)
  2. Tau
  3. Dark Angels
  4. Dark Angels (newbie)
The good news about the newbie, he's still really interested in the game. I suppose I can expect to see him next year, with his own army.

I got to hear about the logistics afterwards. Prizes were only some t-shirts... Last year they had several different prizes for first-third as well as a fully painted army drawing. There was also a handing around of responsibilities within those running the event.

Overall I had a great time, I got to see some people I haven't seen for a while and made new ones.

I was directly told that planning will start early for next years.

I forgot I had my camera for more than half the time... I only got one picture from the 40k tournament 'cause I punched in and didn't think about it until after... However I did get some pictures of the Warmachine tournament.