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Thread: Sandusky, Ohio

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    Sandusky, Ohio (With Pictures!)

    We have a regular WH40k League every Monday night starting at 6:00. We will be trying out the OCD system as listed in the League thread here: (Open Campaign Design)

    All are invited to compete for free. We have approximately eight regular players on any given Monday, but there are more who play in the area. Currently we have the following armies represented through play:

    1x Imperial Guard
    1x Traitor Guard
    2x Chaos Marines
    1x Tyranids
    1x Ork
    1x Black Templar
    1x Imperial Fist
    1x Blood Angel
    2x Necron
    1x Ultramarines
    1x Space Wolves

    We had an Eldar army play for a while but his ability to come was diminished and our Dark Eldar player was in an unfortunate accident involving the dislocation of both shoulders (something I hear you need to have the ability to use in this game). We also have an up-and-coming Daemon army for regular play with a second one dabbling in it. But, their presence has still had an impact on the overall strategy our players have been exposed to.

    In addition, there are currently two games of Dark Heresy being played with a third on the way. There is also a lot of model painting and terrain manufacture going on here. If you'd like to track my progress with a Tyranid Hierophant, reference this thread:

    We also encourage open play. Any time you want to come down, borrow a 6x4 (or our 8x4) and throw down with a friend you are allowed. Bring your own terrain or use some of ours. With that, let me show you a bit of the store and the terrain we use to play on!

    Welcome to The Hero Zone!

    127 E. Market St.
    Sandusky, OH 44870
    The Hero Zone

    Blackwater Gulch

    Grassy Canyon

    Wasteland Board (with misc. pieces on top of it)

    Random Terrain

    The Graveyard

    City Stuff 1

    City Stuff 2

    Nids vs. Wolves 1

    Nids vs. Wolves 2

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