Greetings all,

I am an avid gamer who would like to network with more folks in my home state of SC. Currently the fine gaming stores in Columbia, Charleston, Rock Hill & Greenville each have space to play and host monthly events....

But we are gamers right?! Monthly? Bah! I am talking weekly folks!

Weekly with prizes... forge world prizes, muhahahah....

I am a real estate agent in Columbia & have access to buildings, meeting rooms, 50,000sq ft warehouses... all for our use in hosting & having FUN.

Tournaments? Easy.

1 billion point 50x50 ft game boards? Easy.

Not having anyone to enjoy this with. Not easy.

E-mail me. Let's rock this.

~Robin in ColaTown

Oh, and I play, FoW, AT-43, 40K, every board game known to man, Magic & am interested in anything I have not yet seen. *grin*