Hi all. The title explains it really,just looking to meet some new people play some warhammer.

Id go to the gamesworkshop but your not garaunteed a game plus you got the shop around you with people and noise all the time and tbh i prefer playing at my own home where i can sit down when i dont need to stand aswell as occasionally have a cold beer

I have:
Warriors of chaos
Green skinz

and can make anything from 500 to 3500 comfortably...posibbly more especially adding them all together. i have around 11500 points worth of models so each game is normally a little different

I live very close to birmingham so it would be ideal for anyone who can get to around ther or better yet live close.
I have a table 6ft by 4ft and plenty of scenery

Anyone fancying a game just post a reply or pm i dont mind

Well hope to hear from someone soon