Good Afternoon Librarium,

I'm the tournament organizer of the NOVA Open, a major GT on the GW Independent Tourney Circuit hosting its inaugural year in 2010.

The Open is on August 14 at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, VA, in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.

The Open consists of both a Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 GT, with spots for up to 64 in each. Prize, trophy, swag bag and random giveaway prize totals are in excess of $5,000 and rising, with sponsorship from Games Workshop, The Warstore, Gale Force 9, Battlefoam, Kraftmark, and more.

For Warhammer Fantasy, it will be the first Vegas Qualifying GT to use 8th Edition Fantasy rules.

The entire event weekend consists of open gaming and live video/podcast exhibition matches between well-known 40k personas on Friday night (August 13) at the collocated Holiday Inn, a 4-round GT on Saturday (August 14), and also live video/podcast GT Finals on Sunday (August 15).

The Open utilizes a unique and transparency-oriented format and scoring mechanism that's been heavily discussed and stress tested across a global community for a considerable period of time now. Please check out our website for related discussion links, and rules and data on the tournament.

The Warhammer 40,000 GT is at this point SOLD OUT, with attendees from numerous well known blogs (i.e. Stelek from YTTH) and numerous tournament goers from over 20 US States, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

That said, we are strongly considering opening up 32 additional slots, for a total of 96 in the 40k tournament. Our wait list, begun earlier this week (we sold out with 2 months remaining), is up to 15 and rising. If we secure ~32 firm wait listed attendees with more than a month to go, we'll open up the additional slots. Meaning - e-mail me or contact me at with any questions you have regarding the Open, and/or to get on the wait list.

The NOVA Open is strongly committed to meeting the needs of its constituents, and to openly and transparently accepting and reacting to constructive commentary from the global community of players. A strong history of taking such commentary and integrating well-thought-out advice into the way we approach providing an excellent tournament experience is viewable on our website via the relevant discussion tab. While the organizers have a strong history of running successful DC-area tournaments and leagues, we're always working to improve the product. Please let me know if you have any questions or even idle curiosities about the Open, again I'm contactable at

- Mike Brandt
Whiskey & 40k