Feast of Blades is an annual wargaming convention in Denver Colorado held the first weekend in November at the Red Lion Hotel (4040 Quebec Denver CO). I wanted to drop a line and tell you what this entire Con is all about.


The Invitational:
Our main line tournament is the “Feast of Blades Invitational.” This year we had more than 500 players in 7 states and 32 stores compete for the right to be invited to the Convention in November to compete in a Best of the Best Tournament.
This is a 2000 point Win/Loss event with 64 players and 7 rounds over 2 days. The First round of the event is actually battle points and is the “seeding round.” This Seeding round will determine our pairings for round two. After the first round the tournament moves to 100% Win/Loss, with the overall winner being 6-0 and the Tournament Aces being 5-1.
This is one of the most competitive events in our hobby.

40k OPEN GT:
For those people who didn’t qualify for the invitational or didn’t have an invitational (yet) in their hometown, or those who simply want to play in a more “casual-competitive-environment,” we have the 40k Open GT. This 2000 point GT is a traditional battle point Tourney with 7 rounds over 2 days. It is fully prize supported and is weighted 70% Battle 20% Paint 10% Sportsmanship. Each table at this Tournament is different and most have themes like “Necron Tomb World,” and “Dense Jungle,” this is a great weekend event for guys who want to have a good time in a less-uptight setting. The top 4 players from the Open GT will qualify for the 2012 Feast of Blades Invitational.

This event is much like its 40k Counterpart, the 2200 point Open GT is a great weekend filled with special scenarios and beautiful terrain to clash swords over. There is a whole world of prize support for this tournament!

40k Charity Team Tournament:
This event is Friday night and is held in benefit of the Wounded Warrior Project. I, as well as several of my staff, are veterans and we wanted a way to give back to those soldiers who have truly served and given more than many of us can imagine. A portion of the entry fees will go to the charity plus 100% of funds raised through buying assets like re-roll and smoke screens this is a fun event made to help everyone get to know each other before the big tourneys over the weekend.

In the spirit of the invitational, the Warmachine portion of Feast of Blades in set up in a “Masters,” format. On Friday and Saturday we have individual tournaments that will allow you to compete in a “Finals,” on Sunday. Four winners will be invited to the finals on Sunday from the events held on Friday and Saturday.
However, if you aren’t a tournament type and would rather play in narrative events we have those too and they are fully prize supported.

40k Narrative weekend:

We have a 40k Narrative event that pits all-comers against almost 30,000 points of Eldar. The Eldar have to defend their maiden world against a myriad of foes over 6 Apoc games and two days. For this event we have several Eldar Titans and Super heavies, including the dreaded PHANTOM TITAN!

Fun Events/Demos:

We also have pairing services going all weekend if you want pick up games. Demo games will also be available for people wanting to try their hand at a new game system (infinity, Specialist games, etc.). Painting classes from some of the most talented hands in the painting world, including Golden Daemon and Slayer Sword winners will be provided for con attendees. Friday night we will be holding a “Miniature flea market,” bring anything you want to sell at the flea market. All your sales are yours to keep! Needless to say, from our after-hours Ultramarines showing to our “Red-eye gaming,” (play till 3am) we have something for everyone. The best thing is that you can win prizes for playing pick up games and participating in side events! As an important side note, the fun games and demos as well as open Play are all included in the cost of your tournament ticket!!! We aren’t going to charge you for doing different things throughout the weekend. Pay once and play all weekend!!!

Random prizes:
At Feast of Blades you don’t have to win to get stuff! We have been known to hand out prize support to people for doing cool things. Did your IG squad just take a charge from Mephiston and kill him? Well that is amazing, here is a prize! If we see you playing a game and laughing with your opponent, here is a prize! Also, we have an “achievement system,” much like that of Xbox. Lets say you do one of our achievements, despite how the game goes we will give you a one of a kind item you will be proud to display.

I hope that you all like what you hear. I would love to get feedback and questions. If you have some shoot me an Email at Feastofblades (at) gmail (dot) com or

visit www.feastofblades.com for more info or to purchase tickets.

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Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about the event.