Well, this is a gaming Club I have been attending since it started, and has been up and running just over a year now. Very wide variety of Games played from Tabletop Games including Warmachine and Warhammer. 4 Games consoles are always running (mmmm... 16 player Halo matches, *drool*) and CCG's such as Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh are always running. Some very experienced players attend the club, so there is always help at hand. Organised tournament are always running every week, and winning these will get you tickets to the quarterly £150 prize draw.Also, £10 Door Prize is drawn at the end of every Day at the Club.

Good Templar Hall, Main Street, next to the Bank. Doors open from 10am( if you want to help set up!)but things start going at 11am all the way through until 5pm. Entry is £2 which gets you an all day entry and ticket for the £10 Door Prize.

Cant wait to see you guys there!!