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    Final Fantasy War Games, Luton, Bedfrodshire

    i just thought id post this up here

    2 of my very good friends, Carla and Jason have opened this independant stock list (or independant whatever) in Luton!

    becuase some years ago our Games Workshop was closed for "reasons beyond our control"

    ill give you a low down of things that are played and opening times.

    Sunday 10 till 4 (second and fourth sunday of every month they are closed)
    - after the shop has closed we go to a local park and play football for about 2 hours
    (everyone is welcome, if you are rubbish or if you good *we're all rubbish*)

    Saturday 10 till 6
    Friday 10 till 6

    Thursday 10 till 10 (gaming night for 18+) predominatly for table top games, currently we have alot of WH40k players attending the store so most tables are used for there large 3 v 3player mauls! come down with anything, there is always someone willing to play people and make you feel at home

    Wednesday 10 till 6

    Tuesday 10 till 10 (Predominatly Card Game Night but also alot of table top games played)
    Final Fantasy sells alot of card games such as: Legend of the 5 rings, Yu-gi-oh, Magic: the gathering, Vs System, Street fighter and Soul Calibur and many many more. and these are played nearly all the time, so if you've got a deck you've been itching to play with come on down and challenge one of the guys and girls

    Monday closed.

    from the above you can see that the shop is veryh diverse in it opening hours now how about what we actually play:

    Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Warmachine, Confrontation, Starship troopers, Urban War:w00t:

    Legend of the 5 rings, Yu-gi-oh, Magic: the gathering, Vs System, Street fighter and Soul Calibur and many many more:w00t:

    also we play alot of board games, we currently have a long running series of Decent running in the store
    Decent is alot like D&D but not at the same time you have to play to understand

    The store is always holding tournaments and have held the Yu-gi-oh championships, pre releases for more card games i can remember, and sanctioned tournaments.
    the number 1 magic tag team duo infact comes from our store Jamie and Steve Congrats (they may be lieing to me but hey i don't wanna not believe them its quite an acomplishment we are from luton hehe)

    well if you would like some more information don't hesitate to call Final Fantasy War Games on:
    01582 729001

    Thanks alot for your time

    - chris

    * pics to come*

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    Hmm, interesting. I might have to come along one day to see I live near Hitchin, which is what, a 40m drive or so? A weekend trip might be in order. Whats the parking like near your location?

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    few questions

    hi i love yugioh and have been trying to find a place that sells them for ages.just wonderin if u do yugioh tournaments because if so can you reply to this with all the details of where u are and when they are being held thanks

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    Hi starwarsguy

    I don't play myself but am pretty sure others at the club do. I think you best bet would be to sign on the forum at Fantasy Wargames and try and talk to some of the guys their. The guy to talk to is Doomsdarkseid as he'll be the guy who generally organizes/runs tournaments for the various game systems.

    As for location it's pretty easy to find as it's actually situated in the main shopping center.

    Hope this helps


    *edit* if you sign up to the forum be sure to mail rick so he knows your a real person and not a spam bot that the site seems to get flooded with, otherwise he won't validate your account (see link below).
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