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    Good/Evil lists for UK GT next year.

    These are the two lists I am thinking of fielding at the LOTR Grand Tournament next year. Feel free to comment on them. 8Y

    700pt Cirith Ungol/Minis Morgul

    Gothmog- Shield 140

    Shagrat- 55

    Gorbag- 45

    Nazgul- 55

    20 Orc warriors- 7 with shields, 8 with spears, 4 with two handed weapons, 1 with banner. 144

    10 Orc warriors- 4 with shields, 5 with spears, 2 with two handed weapons. 60

    5 Orc Trackers- 25

    9 Mordor Uruk Hai- 3 with two handed weapons. 75

    Mordor Troll- 100

    TOTAL 699pts

    The idea with this army is that Gothmog will lead the largest orc contingent, with his 3 points of might and Master of Battle rule he will be able to move across the battlefield rather quickly. The Nazgul will support them with the Harbinger of Darkness rule which shall drain the courage of enemy troops as well as transfixing the odd hero or two.
    Gorbag will lead the smaller contingent of Orc warriors alongside the Mordor troll. They will be able to either support Gothmog or attack isolated units.
    Shagrat will lead the Mordor Uruk Hai acting as a fire fighting unit to bolster the battle line where it is weakest.
    The Orc trackers will have the job of taking out enemy heroes and banner bearers to reduce the enemies effectiveness.

    700pts Fifedoms/Tower of Ecethilion

    Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth- 135

    Angbor the Fearless- 55

    Menathor, Captain of Minis Tirith- Lance, Shield, Armoured horse. 80

    10 Knights of Dol Amroth- . 90

    10 Men at Arms of Dol Amroth- . 90

    10 Rangers of Gondor- Spears. 90

    8 Clansmen of Lamedon- . 64

    5 Knights of Minis Tirith- Shields and Banner. 94

    TOTAL 698 points

    The phalanx will consist 10 Knights of Dol Amroth and 10 Men at Arms of Dol Amroth with Imrahil leading them. This way I get 20 attacks at fight 4 with a re-roll and that is not including Imrahils attacks at fight 6. I then have 10 Rangers with spears hiding behind this shieldwall acting as a powerful reserve force that can pitch in alonside the Clansmen of Lamedon lead by Angbor the Fearless.
    The cavalry can then do their thing once the enemy have engaged the infnatry. The new list is as follows.

    Let me know what you think of these lists. :party:

    Basically life sucks, there is only war and you're probably gonna get eaten by Tyranids, have fun.

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    Sorry to say this, but I can't see the Evil list working very well. My own Mordor collection always follows these types of guidelines:
    -represent 10% of your points values into models on the field
    -represent 1% of your points values into Might points

    Though you have the second one in satisfactory amounts, you need more models. 49 won't get you very far. I generally field that type of amount in 500 points. Therefore I'd suggest drop the Nazgul. I won't do very much with the type of statline you've brought for it. You can get 9 more Orc Warriors with that (bringing your total models up to 58- much better). 9 Might plus Master of battle will do great;Y. You also want at least 70 models. This is a bare minimum. Otherwise, you will be hard pressed to do well (for Mordor's success lies in it's numbers)

    Generally I either take Mordor Uruk-Hai OR a Troll, so I can beef up my numbers. Otherwise, that's a lot your spending on Elite troops. I'd say drop either of them and take more Orcs.

    Finally, I hate Trackers. If you can Infiltrate them into a good firing spot and not worry about combat, great. If not, they die easily. I'd say drop one and take an Orc Warrior with whatever you feel like equipping it with (not a Banner, obviously).

    That said, I haven't used Mordor for quite a while now, so I have no idea how they play against these new units (like Iron Guard and the like). Hope that helps.

    As for your Good list:
    As I just said, I haven't played for a while, so I can't comment too distinguishedly (if that's a word) on them. But I'd say that you have a force that's a little on the small side. In my experience, small, elite armies get bogged down easily and almost never win. Again, the style of play may have changed, but I cannot comment on the amount of times I have seen Imrahil kill about 6 Orcs before getting slaughtered himself. Therefore I'd say drop the Captain of Minas Tirith, he's the only mounted model (I think) so he isn't exactly indispensable.

    With him gone, go for some normal Warriors of Minas Tirith. These guys almost never die (except watch Uruk-Hai) so they can preserve your flanks whilst your phalanx does the dirty work.

    Hope this helps. I'm quite experienced with Mordor and Gondor, but I haven't used them in a while.


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