No not the one at Warhammer world - but one my local store is running

This is what me and my friend are thinking of taking

-Rules for tournament are:

400 points per player (800 per team)
No more than 1/2 models per player can be heros
-Normal GT rules from here

1 Gothmog
-Shield, Warg

1 Troll Cheiften

9 Warg Riders
-2 Throwing Spears

-TOTAL - 400

1 Kahmul
-Fell Beast

2 Easterling Captains
-Shield, Armoured Horse, 1 with Bow

6 Kataphracts

-TOTAL - 399


Missions are::

  1. Pitched Battle - get opponent down to 25%
  2. Recconatair - 1 Player has reccon to achieve (25% of their models of opponents board edge) and other player has to secure 2 objectives in the middle of the board (these rolls CANNOT be switched midgame between players)
  3. Custom Mission - In this mission their are 2 objectives to capture, the whole team has reconnatire AND the overall general has Might of Heros to acheive
Any advice on the force??