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    Back to Lotr after 3 years

    Hi guys,

    I started collecting/playing Lotr about 5 years ago. And with a very good friend of my, we played 5000pts battles every weekend. I just loved that, starting saturday and ending sunday, still not having finished the battle .
    But 3 years ago, I suddenly stopped Lotr and went to 40K while my friend stopped. Now we decided to get back to the old days once again. But this time we're going to play a bit more organised, not good vs evil anymore (yea, every thing we had was trown on the board to increase the carnage ), but we're going to use actual armies (Lotr seems to have gotten a lot more models for every army so that should be more fun). And I have decided to lead the uruk-hai of the white hand.
    We've decided to start easy, just 2000pts. And right now I'm wondering what to use. I only have the Return of the king and MoM rule book so dont have the all the profiles yet. But'I'm having some idease right now and looking for some advice from experienced white hand generals or people who have fought them countless times.

    Here are my ideas:

    I'll use standard phalanx units, each consisting of:
    9 Pike armed Uruk-hai
    4 Shield armed Uruk-hai
    1 Uruk-hai with a banner
    1 Uruk-hai captain with heavy armor and a shield
    This formation cost just 229 pts, so I think I'll use about 5 of these. The units will be the back-bone of my army, and should be capable of slowly eating any enemy. Depending on my enemy they'll either form one big phalanx or multiple small phlalnx's.

    Flank holders:
    These units will defend the flanks of my phalanx's and most likely excist of:
    4-6 beserk
    About 8 scouts (probably armed with bows)
    These units will be about 200pts and 200 pts is to much IMO, so I'm looking for a way to make them cheaper without making them less effective, need some help on this.

    After having these units, I already passed the 2000pts, so I think I'll ask my friend to raise the limit to 3000pts . If he doesnt wants this I'll take just 4 phalnx units. And I think about filling the remaining points with:

    Uruk-hai shamans, dont know their profil yet, but I think they'll be well worth their points.
    Isenguard trolls, they look so damm cool, I think I'll include them anyway.
    Uruk-hai armed with a crossbow, the str 4 seems pretty good in Lotr, but not sure about it.

    Just to be clear, I'm not going to use named characters, I like my army being nameless, just one of the countless others.

    So, this is pretty much it, any advice is welcome

    A tear is only water, and a sigh is only air.

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    I'm curious about the number of pikes. Is this just because of available models or that you plan to rank them up.

    I would think about using some Crossbowman since they have the greatest range and perhaps using a named Hero like Saruman to give some more Might and Magic.

    If you can look through the Legions of Middle Earth book. You can ally with a number of races like the Corsairs and Dunland that you can use to build up your forces and add some variety and don't forget the Warg Riders. They would give you some mean cavalry to use.
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