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    Shiver me Timbers- Trafalgar!

    People may well have seen me banging on about Man O War, the game of fantasy naval combat that GW produced in the mid-90s then discontinued, even though it was one of their best ever rule sets (in my opinion naturally)

    Well it seems GW are once more foraying onto the open seas, when the new title from Warhammer Historical, 'Trafalgar' is released next month: Trafalgar

    I don't know exactly how Trafalgar will work, but going by WH usual tactic of reimagining existing GW rules within historical parameters I can imagaine it will be an updated version of Man O War, probably without the fiddly card counters that was a common feature of GW games of the 90s.

    As a fan of the Jack Aubrey books (Master and Commander et al.) this game has really got my imagination going. Anyone else interested in this, or am I the only salty sea dog on the LO boards ARRRRRR!


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    I think i will be buying a copy. I have a moderate british fleet and a few frenchies. Currently we play using Action Under Sail published by TTG. These Rules are very fiddly but give a very accurate game at the reinforced squadron level.

    I read the game design notes on the Warhammer Historical website and they mention Man O War but only use tiny elements of those rules. Most of the other rules are newly designed. The thing you can usually rely on from a GW game is playability. I would much rather have a good fun game with a flavour of sailing rather than a full blown square rigger simulator with some gunnery rules attached.
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