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    Merc's Koralon Blog, an ongoing mutation.

    Alright so I will stick with Koralon, I have never had the pleasure to fully use an Aliens rip army before, and they are powerful and bring interesting rules and forces to the table. Some butt ugly models aside, they are pretty good looking as well.

    So for starters I'm going with the Strike Team, as I don't see a full Hybrid force working as well as I thought. All the lists are fixed to be around 170 Pts just so you know, every army out of the box is balanced more or less. It let me explore the CAL system, and it isn't as complicated at people made it out to be.

    3x Broods/CAL 0.

    1x Brood/CAL 1.

    1x Larvan/CAL 2.

    1x Phazon/CAL 3.

    Total: 169 Pts.

    Brood are sick in hand to hand, SICK! Camoflouge is a nice rule as well for getting in close. Larvan are just better Brood, with two Coraline Blades and Strike First they can mess stuff up. Phazon are pretty terrifying stat wise, other than the measly one wound for a leader.

    Pretty much all Koralon weaponry has Armour Piercing, which I don't fully understand yet but it's probably bad for the enemy.

    Paint scheme wise I chose a black color scheme. One, to pay Aliens a homage in my own way. Two, it's easy and looks good done right. Weapons I am thinking blood red or a yellow color, maybe purple. Hybrids I'm thinking about, though skin tone wise I want to do a pale, placid grey color to make them look sickly and disturbing. The alien bitz will mimic the Brood color scheme, bringing the force together visually.

    Eventually I want to get to CLAU level games, but the Koralon CLAU is just butt ugly. I'm going to take those sad excuses for wings off and replace them with something, then trim up the body to make it more snake like, if all else fails I'll just steal some Tyranid bitz from my friend and start meshing.

    I also have plans to convert up my own Warp points for the Phazon. I had an idea of a dark pool of liquid that swirls in deep, kinda like evil toilet water. I'd paint it dark to begin, and once I get down to the center highlight more and more with a blue color to make it look like it's powering up.

    Overall I'm pleased with the rules, and have a few friends in my gaming group interested so far. Will update when I have more ideas and stuff.


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    Sounds nasty! And you are right, the CAL system really isnt complicated.

    Also on a side note the Armour Piercing works quite simply. Most units in UW have no kind of save what so ever unless they have the Heavy Armour special rule. The number in the bracket next to this explains how good their save is e.g. if it says 'Heavy Armour (0)' that means if they are wounded successfully it has no effect if they roll a 10 on a D10, and if it says 'Heavy Armour (+1)' they save on a 9+ and so on. Armour Piercing works in the same way, if it says 'Armour Piercing (0)' that means they dont get their 10+ save if they have that. if they have a 9+ save however they still get the save.

    Hope i managed to explain it without confusing you too much...

    The colour scheme sound pretty cool! I would do purple claws and such of the like, mainly because i think read or yellow would stand out too much on the black and it would work well with the grey of the Hybrids.

    I totally agree with the Venom Drake's wings, they look really bad. Im not a big fan of the model in its entirety but im sure if you replace the wings with GW Dragon Wings it would look much better.

    I REALLY like your idea for the Phazon's warp points. Are you going to sculpt them from greenstuff or will you use water effect to make them? You better post some pictures of some models soon! I reckon post them in the painting section that way we can spread the word of this wonderful game system!

    Spladge P
    Sometimes the best defense is a good offense... Wait, what?


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