Monsterpocalypse is a great game that my friends and I recently picked up, and really enjoy. Overall, the game is a Warmachine/Hordes 'light', with similar rules, but more simplistic gameplay. Where the game really shines is in the 'rampage' of destruction that the monsters tear through the city maps, and the great differences in strategy that each monster presents to the player.

The fact it's fallen quite short of 'taking the world by storm' seems to be more due to the way it was sold rather than the game itself.

It's simply far too expensive to collect an army on your own, at least not without the help of Ebay. The problem is, in order to get started you need to get at least one starter kit and two unit boosters, and there's no way in hell that the figures you'll have after you open everything will primarily be of one army. Most games help avoid this by clearly marking boxes as starters for specific armies (imagine if the starter boxes clearly marked what monster was inside, and all the units were from the same army), but for some reason, Privateer Press felt this wasn't necessary, and it definitely hurt the game.

Perhaps if you could use two forces together without penalty (like colors in magic the gathering) this wouldn't be as big a problem, but as it stands, you either need a ton of cash, friends to trade with, or a willingness to have an army that's far less than competitive.

To 'hardcore' players, this makes the game a hard sell. I think the game actually plays better as a casual boardgame rather than a competitive one. If you can get a bunch of the models cheap on ebay, you'll have a very fun 1 on 1 game to play with friends. Just don't expect it to be the next 40k. Hell, it isn't even the next Warmachine. ^_^

Anyone else have different experiences?