Two lists, one more competitive, the other more themed. Hasharin killed both Theoden and Eomer in my last game, before suffering the effects of cowardness.

Serpent Horde / Easterlings

Hasharin and Haradrim Chieftain on horse 145pts
Easterling Captain and Haradrim Chieftain with bow 100pts

24x Haradrim warriors with spears 144pts
13x Haradrim warriors with bows 78pts
5x Haradrim raiders (4 with war spears, 1 with bows) 55pts
8x Easterling warriors with spears and shields 80pts
8x Easterling warriors with shields 64pts
4x Easterling Warriors with bows 32pts

Model count: 66
Break point: 33
Bows: 18
Might: 7

Guess what the theme is? Damrod is dead at that point, but need a leader for the ranger list. Rangers > WoMT with bows any day. This or High elves lead by those twins.

Faramir’s War host

Faramir, Captain of Gondor with horse and heavy armour 85pts
Beregond, Peregrin, Guard of the Citadel and Damrod 75pts
Éowyn, Shield Maiden of Rohan with armour, shield and throwing spear 45pts

6x Knights of Minas Tirith with shields 84pts
3x warriors of Minas Tirith with bows 24pts
16x Warriors of Minas Tirith with shields 128pts
16x Warriors of Minas Tirith with shields and spears 144pts
16x Rangers of Gondor 128pts

Model count: 61
Break point: 32
Might: 8
Bows: 16

The Tower of Ecthelion / Theoden’s Host / The Rangers of Ithilien