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    Aeronautica Imperialis

    First off I'm a very active warhammer 40k player, who is slowly crafting a background for a crusade idea. This crusade I hope to play several campaigns within my life span (which one hopes to be long :]) as my and those who I play and enjoy the Warhammer 40000 universe.
    So this had led me to looking into Battle Fleet Gothic, Inquisitor, and the recent addition of 40k games Aeronautica Imperialis.

    SO my question is for those of you who may have actually played this new game.
    How are the rules, and what sort of dice system does it run?
    Do the other forces fair well?
    Imperium, good or bad?
    How well does the Aeronautica rules cooperate with the other 40k campaign rules: Such as BFG and does it sit well with planetary empires? (I see spaceports being even more strategic of value for Aeronautica. Air superiority over a territory grants an airstrike for the ground battle. Perhaps a strength 10 or 9 ordnance blast with the # of blasts based of surviving aircraft?)

    I have looked through the Forgeworld models, and I see there is a decent selection of models, what significant differences are there between each force?

    I'm a space marine player, and will be building a 3000pt Space Marine Fleet, along with a 5000pt Imperial Navy Fleet all for this eventual Crusade. SO for Aeronautica Imperialis what are drawbacks of Thunderhawks (both transporter and regular) and of course their strengths? I can only assume lack of great maneuver ability, but great firepower?

    I know of Lightnings and Thunderbolts and how operate (I've read Double Eagle), but what of the Aquila and the Valkyrie, what roles do they play out in the air war?

    By the way I'm especially interested in the Tau and Ork units! My friend is a Tau player, and I have just recently purchased Assault on Black Reach, thus another army to add to this ever developing crusade! I hope to persuade my friend into trying BFG along with Aeronautica Imperialis

    EDIT: If there is atleast a minority of Aeronautica Imperialis (God emperor thats a mouthfull!) there should perhaps be a subforum under the other 40k universe "specialist" games even though it is a Forgeworld game.

    Last edited by chaplainfeicco; September 24th, 2009 at 04:39. Reason: Another Idea!

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