Hello, im trying to to collect modern day UK or US 28mm scale models. The problem is that I really want plastic or resin ones rather than metal because it gives me alot more freedom in how they turn out and I have the option of conversion if I like.

The only place I can find these things are wargames factory BUT they havnt started making them yet, they have a voting system and make a model when enough people vote for it and thats where you all can help!

Iv found a us, uk and sniper proposal and ill link the voting form below, itl only take you a moment and if we get anough people then there will be awesome new models we can all enjoy!


Modern British
Modern U.S. Infantry
Snipers of the Modern World

insidently heres a list of all the proposals, not just modern but everythign you can think of, if you find something else youd like id happily vote for yours too