So I recently bought into this great game, and it's really taking off nationwide and we are already getting a store Tournament organized. To initiate those who don't know the game, let me take a moment to explain it.

Website link: Arcane Legions

Arcane Legions is a collectible (Sorta) mass combat game. It uses a HUGE number of figures per game, but is still very affordable and quick to play, without losing any strategic thinking or movements. It uses dice, and you have a Command pool, and all the basics of units, monsters, magic and the like.

There are three (Some say four) Factions so far: The Roman Empire, The Egyptian Imperium, The Han Dynasty, and the Mercenary forces (The questionable one, and most likely the more expensive force to do.)

Each force has more or less an army wide rule, and play completely different despite sharing the same fundamental abilities.

Each model comes on a peg, and there are two different sized black trays. You put the unit card down on the tray first, then click the models into the appropriate slots. The models and where they are placed initially is labeled. After that, you can spend command points to re-organize units, to make them more effective in another area.

The minimum point value for a game is 7,000. I know, you think it's a lot, but in reality that is less than maybe $60. I got about 10,000 points, and I've only spend about $50 on the game. The start box is VERY affordable at $34.99, it comes with three armies, the rules, dice, stands, and templates. Get two other friends and either split one box, or buy three and give the extras to the other. The only figure in the starter you will not make use of would be another commander, as they are unique.

I got: 2x Starter Boxes, 1x Cavalry Box, and about 4x Boosters. I would have another Cavalry Box, but our distributor is sold out for the moment.

Oh, and I play the Romans. The idea of having Praetorian Bear Cavalry riding into combat and murdering all who defy me just seemed like good table conversation.

So yeah, who else has bought in, who is interested, and who doesn't like the system? All our welcome here, and I will do my best to answer questions and keep this thread updated with new information, models, tournaments, etc.