Hey guys, haven't been on LO in a while for a while cos of exams and whatnot but I came across this yesterday and I love it already.Rebelminis.com have this game, six-gun assassins, which is basically cowboys, bandits and anything else you can think of from the wild west. Is anyone else playing it? I got the rules for $5 (which worked out about £3.50) from their site and its an instant download so no postage etc I'd strongly recommend anyone interested in a bit of a change of pace from 40k, fantasy etc have a look at this one. 'gangs' are teams of usually 6 bandits, so not many models required to play. Revell do a great little box of cowboys which I just ordered for under £6 posted which has enough figures to have two gangs and extras, including two mounted.One thing to note, Its alot simpler to read through the rules once, then summarise them in an excel page and copy the tables, then just refer to the rulebook for rules queries. It makes it so much smoother.Last thing (yeah i don't plan posts, just write as it comes to me!) there's no rules for including horses in this, so I'm going to be attempting to write and playtest some in the next couple of weeks. Anyone interested let me know - i'll give em out for free oh - and no saving throws - whoppee!