I got this just on 2 weeks ago now, have played extensively since, and I have to say, it's blooming fantastic. I wanted it to do a galactic conquest thing with WH40K, and it works fine for that purpose. But as is in it's own right too it's an incredible game, and very easy to just drop a few house rules in if like me you want to use it with WH40K or for that matter I should think any other Sci-Fi miniatures tabletop battles game. I can't wait to get my hands on the add-ons: Shattered Empires and Shards of the Throne, which add new units, 2 new colours and new game options, not least flagships and Mechanized units, I'm thinking maybe either tanks or superheavies in 40K here for that side of it. If I go Superheavies it could get a tad pricey as the only Eldar ones are made by Forgeworld, but at least Chaos and Imperium are not problem.

Anyway, if anyone was thinking about it but balked off by the cost, don't be, I ummed and ah'd for a long time, but now glad I did. 5/5 from me.