I have been trying to iron out the rules for a star wars game I have been playing for some time that I call Star Wars tabletop battle game. The rules are a mish mash of modified rules from several game systems and I am looking for people to playtest them to help me make the game better. I have played many games myself and the rules do seem to work fairly well, but the more people that play them, the better chance of finding an odd situation or a rule that either needs to be cleaned up or just plain doesn't work.

I would love for anyone that has a collection of star wars minis (or even someone who would use other minis as proxy) to playtest a game and let me know what they think. Whether its something they would like to play and if I should continue making profiles for more models or whether its something I should just play myself at home if there is no outside interest in this game.

The rulebook and a profile book for the Empire era can be viewed and downloaded from the site in my signature. The site is still under construction and I will try to make a brief video this weekend giving a quick rundown of the rules and a sample turn or two as well.

Thanks, and may the Swartz be with you!