Been playing LotR and more speciffically Battle Companies (much beter than the standard game IMHO) for a while now, but my group are just about to reset to use the new rules, our old companies where getting a bit silly anyway so I am once more deciding what to go with, I can play anything (except dwarves, no models) and am currentyl looking at the Uruks, in fact I'm fairly sure they'll be my army this time round, at the moment I have a sizeable Gondorian force led by a Knight, who hasn't killed anything on horseback ever, however if he dismounts he becomes a killing machine.... dont ask me why.

Anyway to the point of the post anyone who would like to try and persuade me to play a different battle company or just give soem general experience on how they ahve done with Uruks (or anyone else if you feel like it might change my mind) I won't be playing Gondor again, but I'm pretty open o suggestions.