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Thread: Post your Army

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    Post your Army

    Hey. This is my first post so i'm new to this place but I hope a thread like this hasn't already been made. oh well, Just post your army here, whenever you get new troops, just edit your post and add them, also, backstories and where they come from always helps, I haven't got a backstory yet, but I'll make one, here's my incredibly small army

    24 Men of Rohan
    11 Riders Of Rohan
    1 Gandalf The White On Shadowfax
    1 Aragorn Helm's Deep
    1 Rider of rohan which i dissasembled and assembled only the rider in the shape of princess mononoke (from a famous anime film of the same name) she even has a mask and she's carrying an orcs head in her hand. cool, no?

    I just started last month remember

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    my army (prepare to be ammazed by the sheer ammount of orcs.
    my 1000pts force:

    1 captain, shield

    120orcs (various weapons) 1 with standered.

    2 mordor trolls.

    thats what i plan to have, i actually have:
    1 captain: shield
    1 orc- standerd
    29 orcs (various weapons).

    i have painted my 250pts army with 5 colours, thats why there will be 120 orcs in my large force.
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    my goblin army is lead by durburz the goblin king, always includes a goblin shaman and usually a drum if i have lots of points...along with as many goblins as i can cram into the points available.
    Moria Goblins: 1/6/0
    Dwarves: 0/2/0
    Empire: 0/4/0

    I Guess that means dont trust my advice when it comes to strategy and such :p

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