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    'Urban War' formerly 'Void'

    So there i was...

    ...sitting at the USO in the internet cafe making a few last purchases for little gifts to myself to await my homecoming christmas leave away from okinawa japan

    ...and after making one large purchase of IG infantry that swelled my ranks by 200 models for a cheap price, i decided that with that many GW models, it was time again to look for a few models that would help make my army still appear diverse and unqiue apart from other IG armies.

    at first, i came across some store selling off these old 28mm models from some wargame that i assume was called "void", buying for a couple dollars a piece a number of models that looked and were posed rather dynamically in my opinion. later on i came across one package selling 15 blisters of these guys at a cheap price.

    then in the end, i started coming across the same models but they were in newer-looking packages under the label of "Urban War" and seemed very much like 40k except dwelling mainly on, i'm assuming, man versus machine (as said on the starter box), although it seemed that the forces shown suggested game-scale comparative to necromunda or 40k combat patrol.

    from the seller's i was viewing, i'm assuming this game is based and possibly popular over in the UK.

    i just wanted to get to know other people's opinions about this game, as to whether or not they('ve) play(ed) it or if they also use it for models to adapt to their 40k armies.

    the whole game seemed quite interesting to me, and at 50 dollars for a starter set i was wondering whether i should try it out or not.

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    I have very very vauge memories of seeing this. If I remember rightly it had 3 armies, fake IG, fake nids and fake chaos. The models werent as good as GW but they were about the same scale. Thats about all I remember

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    Urban War (formerly Void) does seem to have some 40K aspects to it, but honestly, what scifi miniatures games these days doesn't. But there are still some significant differences, most obvious is of course the scale of conflict that is in a typical game (a dozen a side, compared to 4-10 dozen). I have considered using Urban War minis to represent ICs, because the level of work that has gone into each one is seriously impressive.
    For a look at their stuff go to www.urbanmammoth.com
    It is a very different setting, but still has plenty to offer the non-tournament player
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