I was wondering would anyone be interested in a miniature game that was based on various pantheons: Greek, Roman, Celtic, Norse, Egyptian, Sumer-Babalonian, Judeo-Christian, Native American etceteras?

The concept would work like other tabletop fantacy/science fiction games but the characters would be from historical mythos. There would be gods, heroes and minions. It could be played in army form like Warhammer or warband form like 40k. If played as an army all the warbands below would be part of the Norse army. If played as warbands each band is individual.

Example Warbands from the Norse Pantheon:

NORSE Asgard

Gods: Thor, Odin,
Heroes: Were-Bear Champion, Eric the Red, Leif Erikson
Minions: The Red Berserkers, Were-Bears, Einhejar-Souls of the Slain

NORSE The Vanir

GODS: Freya, Freyr
Heroes: Beowulf, Sindri & Brokk, Prince of Alfhiem
Minions: Wood, Field, Mountain Elves, Water Nymphs

NORSE Valkryies

GODS: Valfreya
HEROES: Sigurd: The Dragon Slayer, Brynhild: Mail-coat of Battle, Gondul "She-Were-Wolf", Ivaldi emperor of the Dwarves,
MINIONS: Valkryies, Warriors of Sigurd, Ivaldi's Emperor's Guard


GODS: Y’mir Father of Giants, Surt the Fire Giant, Skadi the beautiful Mountain Giantess
HEROES: Various Frrost, Mountain, Stone and Rock Giants
MINIONS: Sisters of Skadi, Warriors of Jotenhiem, Mountain Wolves


GODS: Loki, Hel Goddess of Death
HEROES: Fenris the monster wolf, Garm the Hound of hell, Grendal,
MINIONS: Hellhounds, Sons of Fire, Hel's Death Cult

NORSE Dwarves

GODS: Alvis "All-knowing, Thrud the Daughter of Thor,
HEROES: Emperor Ivaldi, Queen Hildegun the Valkryie, Gandalf the Magic Dwarve, Dwailin the Powerful, Eikinskialdi Oaken Shield
MINIONS: Mountain& Soil Dwarves, Runecasters, Valkryies Sisters of Hildegun

All of the pantheons listed earlier could be divided the same way.