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    My moria army for a new campaign

    A new LOTR campaign is going to be starting soon at my local store, and after shopping around I realised that the majority of armies would be good guys. Not liking that at all, I decided to put together a moria army of my own.

    This would be my first LOTR force, and i've also only ever played 1 game, just to let you see my noobieness.

    Anyway, the armies will run to 500 points, and here is the list i've scrapped together. I already own the trolls, 24 of the goblins, the drum, and durburz.

    Let me know what you guys think

    2 cave trolls, no upgrades
    goblin drum
    10 goblin archers
    13 goblin spearmen
    13 goblin swords/shields.

    Total: 41 models.

    Its basic, but i'm counting on numbers and a massive banner range to pull me through. I wasn't sure about the drum, but my girlfriend bought me that and one of the trolls as part of her christmas present, and the idea of using it is really growing on me.

    Anyway, blast away! And thanks in advance.

    "Pickles, the drummer, doodily doo. (Ding-dong, doodily, doodily, doo.)"

    Also, you should google "garfield minus garfield". Awesome.

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    Definatly play the numbers as hard as you can, that's the only advantage goblins have. And use those trolls as much as possible, nothing takes down those good guys heavy hitters quite like strength 6!
    We are highly advanced males of masculinity!

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    I would say get rid of a troll, and add another gobling captain, and a bunch more goblins. Playing the numbers game is a little hard when you have very few troops, most players will send one warrior to each troll to hold it up, take out the goblins, then trap and attack the trolls. With more goblins you can have fights in your favour more often with higher numbers of troops, and send your one troll to either help a lone goblin win a fight, or take out some heros. Goblin king is great, but I think you need atleast one more hero in there, for some more might points, and to call some more heroic moves.

    I'm not sure what the drum does, but if your girlfriend gave it to you, you better use it

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