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Thread: Themed Armies

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    I'm going to be constructing 3 themed armies for LOTR, they are as follows:

    - Last Alliance
    I fell in love the characters of Elladan and Elrohir in the books, now here's the
    problem, creating a themed army with them in. I considered making a Ranger of
    the North type army with the group of Rangers, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli and
    Elladan and Elrohir all mounted. I wasn't too taken with the idea however and
    so I started watching the movies again for inspiration. I'd just got to the part
    where Sauron is "defeated" and that huge shockwave appears and you see
    Legolas. This got me thinking if Leagolas was there why not Elladan and
    Elrohir? They are Elrond's sons after all. So now I'm planning and army
    consisting of Elladan and Elrohir, Legolas, Elrond, Gil-Galad and high elves.

    - Orthanc Uruk-Hai
    You've got to love the scene when the ents attack. It just took my breath away.
    I looked through the White Dwarf ent rules but again wasn't taken so I chose to
    make an army from the doomed opposition's perspective. Obviously this army
    would consist of Uruk-Hai, Saruman and just so I could field one I decided a
    cave troll would work in those Uruk-Hai "factories."

    - Assault on Minas Tirith
    I've just had confirmation on the Oliphaunt/Mumakil minatures and have
    decided to get 2! A lot of money and probably points to but hey wouldn't that be
    cool. The army will consist of the 2 Oliphaunts and plenty of Easterlings,
    Southrons, Haradrim etc.

    What are your thoughts? Have you made any themed armies?

    Warboss Skagrad of the Ork Klan!
    Wins: 3/Losses: 1/Draws: 0

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    Most Lord of the rings armies are themed as they are based on the events of the film and book.
    Mumakil are released about july. They will be no cheaper than £35, more like £40 ($75?)
    Southrons are the same as Haradim.
    I was not aware of Elronds sons being present at the last alliance.
    The warriors of the last alliance box set should be hepful. Also don't go too hero heavy because it will unbalance the game.

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